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The Bartholin Gland Site

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This site is devoted to helping with Bartholin gland problems. It started as a site for Bartholin gland abscesses (bga's) but all Bartholin problems such as cysts (bgc's) and Bartholinitis tend to have related issues so the site has been broadened to fit them all.

I made this site because there aren't, to my knowledge any personal sites on this topic. I found a chat forum on a cancer site with a thread devoted to Bartholin cysts which was very good but could scare some people since bgc's are extremely rarely ever cancer. Thought it would be helpful to have a Bartholin only topic chat forum on a Bartholin only website, so here it is.


The "My Experience" page tells you of what happened when I had my first Bartholin's abscess recently. If you'd like to share your Bartholin's experience then either post it on the message board or the guestbook. Please put "My Experience" in the subject line if this is the reason you are posting.

In "Bartholin Gland Problems" there is a description of Bartholin cysts and abscesses as well as a picture of one. (The picture is hidden until you press a button so don't worry if you do not wish to see it).

The "Bartholins Origins" page describes the discovery of the Bartholin glands and related conditions.

In the "Treatments" section there are listed the various methods Doctors use to treat the conditions and descriptions of how the procedures work.

The message board is here for anyone who needs to talk. Bartholin conditions can be very worrying and embarrassing and hard to discuss face to face. The board is safe and friendly and you can even post anonymously if you want. Just put "anon" in the name field. You don't even need an account to post. Don't put in your email address or real name if you don't wish to share it.

The "Links" pages is just that, links to other sites of interest. I encourage you to visit them because there are some really interesting and informative sites listed.

"Resources" is a place where you can get useful, related downloads or other resources which just don't quite fit the "Links" category. It is a little sparse just yet but I'm hoping to improve that.

"Tips" has information on how to deal with bga/c's and to prevent them.

There is also a guestbook which I'd be really happy for you to sign! You can put suggestions there also if you wish.

I'm hoping to add a lot more improvements over time. Let me know if there is any feature you'd like or anything you feel I've missed.

This site is updated regularly so check back often.

Thanks for stopping by!


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